The never ending imagination
A love we once knew.

In life I feel as if we are bound to keep on making the same mistakes over and over, we’re bound to push away those who love us,
and appreciate those that don’t even acknowledge our existance

We are bound to failure, mishap, and all the woes that follow

We tell our selves to change
and become someone else
not to be swayed by lifes darkest

And memories

They are all we have
in this vast expansion
of the earth we walk on,
the air we hyperventilate
and the heart uncontrollably
beating within us

I ponder more and more everyday through my thoughts
trying to find a mere simple subjective reason for this all

A reason to continue on
A reason to help give me

Perspective on the drones around me along with the undeniable fact that someday we will die and what after that?

Just darkness.
but isn’t life just that?

All the heart breaks,
along with the salted tears
that slowly coursed our cheeks
We hope and hope
For our lover to feel what we do

The same love
the same happiness
The same “spark”

Sometimes hope just isn’t enough
And I’ve learned time after time
That the ones we care about most
Sooner or later give up on us

They watch us cautiously
studying our reactions
while we breathe in and out rapidly till our faces are blue

Watching us fall apart
with our torn up hearts

silence filling the room
and the feeling of glass crushing
within our soul

That’s the worst of it all
Feeling weak,
Feeling lost,
Feeling sleepless,
Feeling worthless,

"Sorry" is just another
“I have failed you”

And if I failed you
I have failed my self

These things leave so much damage but no not physically

Emotionally and mentally
I’m clueless on what to say
I cannot even conversate

But… I do know how to love
And I love you so much

I wish I had more to say
but wishes don’t come true

Only miracles
and that explains why I have you
you were heaven sent
and iam hellbent

A demon and an angel
Do not interlock fingers
They do not even cross paths
so how did I stumble upon you?

Maybe someday we’ll see a change

A change in reality
A change in the love we had

Til then
we cannot be freed
from this fallacy


The marijuana you smoke isn’t going to help you with the attacks, they’ll only get worse, and worse.

The arguments aren’t going to help you with your happiness, they’ll get worse and worse.

You can’t close your eyes, because you’re afraid you’ll get lost somewhere deep, in where things are…

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Thy art is murder


Thy art is murder


Thy Art Is Murder


Thy Art Is Murder


ISSUES by Ashley Osborn on Flickr.